The person accepting the terms and conditions of this registration also understands that your child / children may be photographed while participating in the program and you hereby give permission for the use of your child’s / children’s name and photographic likeness to be used in all forms of media for the promotion of any activity undertaken by P2P FA or its related bodies corporate.

The Pathway to Professional Football Academy encourages the appropriate use of social media by all Persons bound by this Policy to promote the sport of football, engage with individual athletes and communicate with the general public and media. The Pathway to Professional Football Academy acknowledges social media is a broad and instant form of communication and treats all social media content, whether written, photographic, video, or audio, as public comment which is accessible to all.

This Policy aims to provide principles that ensure that the image and credibility of the Pathway to Professional Football Academy is not damaged, as well as assisting in the promotion of football within the ACT and surrounding region. It aims to establish decent standards of behaviour and to provide a respectful and appropriate sporting environment.

This Policy applies to the Pathway to Professional Football Academy partners and members (including players and coaches), volunteers, staff or any individual representing themselves or passing themselves off as being a staff member of the Pathway to Professional Football Academy. The policy includes anything posted online where information is shared that might affect the Pathway to Professional Football Academy partners and members, staff, affiliates, clients, stakeholders or sponsors.

If referring to this Policy, the persons bound to it should adhere to the following principles:

• Social Media should be considered a live microphone;
• The “Headline Test” should be utilised before posting anything involving the Pathway to Professional Football Academy – will you feel comfortable viewing the post in the local newspaper with your name attached to it?
• Always consider all stakeholders when utilising social media.

The Pathway to Professional Football Academy treats all written social media postings, blogs, status updates and tweets as public ‘comment’. As a result, all Persons bound by this policy should not comment or respond to a comment in a way that may be construed as negative or may be considered derogatory towards others, or put themselves in a situation where they may harm their reputation, the reputation of their teammates, or the Pathway to Professional Football Academy, including its sponsors and stakeholders or any other third party.

The Pathway to Professional Football Academy also treats all photographs, video and audio ‘material’ posted onto social media as public comment and accessible to the public. Any material that may be considered negative, derogatory or inappropriate towards Persons bound by these Guidelines should not be posted.

Persons bound by this policy must ensure that they do not post material on social media channels that infringes the intellectual property rights of the Pathway to Professional Football Academy or other entities. Persons bound by this Policy post comments and materials at their own risk. Further, Persons bound by this Policy should at all times make it clear that any comments and materials are made in their individual capacity and that they do not represent the Pathway to Professional Football Academy, its sponsors or any other third party.

The Pathway to Professional Football Academy does not actively monitor social media content of Persons bound by this Policy. The Pathway to Professional Football Academy does, however, monitor online content which could impact on the Pathway to Professional Football Academy teams, individuals in those teams, the Pathway to Professional Football Academy and its employees, as well as sponsors and stakeholders.

The Pathway to Professional Football Academy endeavours to work with and educate individuals and members on the appropriate use of social media. The Pathway to Professional Football Academy reserves its right to take appropriate action with respect to infringements of this Policy, including issuing a Take Down notice.

The Pathway to Professional Football Academy reserves the right to amend this Policy as it deems appropriate. The Pathway to Professional Football Academy Director of Administration shall be the final authority with respect to the interpretation and implementation of this Policy.